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We’ve all heard it before “Breakfast is the important meal of the day”, but if you’re a Mom sometimes the morning routine can turn into a 3-ring circus and getting the kids out the door with matching shoes and a lunch is a difficult task.  This can lead to many Moms forgetting to eat breakfast.  It’s all the kids fault.  (That’s good, blame your children)

So we asked Melissa Paris a nutrition and fitness expert to give us some insight into the best breakfast bets-what you should choose to fill you up, what sugary foods to avoid and what healthy options you can grab on-the-go.


So why is breakfast so important? A healthy breakfast prepares both your body and mind for the long day ahead:  Not only does a vitamin-packed breakfast get your metabolism going, so you can burn calories quicker during the day, but it’s also linked to improved cognitive function, greater attention span and better memory skills.

What’s the big deal if you skip breakfast? 

If you gave yourself 2-3 hours before bed and slept 7-8 hours your body is in a fasting state when you wake and taking energy from your muscles.  In order to get your metabolism started you must eat breakfast.

Why are proteins and fiber so important in the morning?
Eating a well rounded breakfast is important because all the macro nutrients (proteins, fats, and carns) all play a role in everyday bodily functions.  Carbs help your brain function properly, fats help maintain healthy skin, reproduction, immune function, development of the brain and eyes, protein helps build and repair cells.

Can breakfast really help children/adults learn better? 
Breakfast helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  When you eat a well rounded breakfast you are increasing yor chances to reach for the high sugar snacks and caffeinated beverages.

How does breakfast contribute to a healthy day? 
Kick starts your metabolism instead of encouraging starvation.

What about sugary breakfast cereals? Aren’t those bad for kids? Adults? 
High sugar cereal is not good for anyone.  Stick to fruits and whole grains.  Sugar causes spike sin blood sugar causing energy crashes later on in the day.

What if I’m not hungry in the morning?
Eating a smaller meal like half an apple with almond butter or half a bowl of oatmeal.

What if I don’t have time to cook? 
Cold cereal like Health Valley high fiber is a great option. Flax seeds in some yogurt is also painless!

How come I’m hungrier all morning when I eat breakfast?
Your metabolism is working YAY! Eating your calories during the day and giving yourself 2-3 hours before bed will promote a healthy weight.

Savvy Sassy Suggests:  Wake up 20 minutes before your kids and make sure you fuel up before your day begins!  Try making these Oatmeal Pancakes from Coach’s Oats! – Savvy Sassy Approved.

Melissa Paris has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University.  She also holds a certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, pre and postnatal certified, integrated flexibility training, and the TRX system.  Melissa’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and medical nutrition provides her with the tools to help anyone master their fitness and wellness goals. 

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  1. Thanks for these recomendations!
    I never skip breakfast, just in case I’m really late. I feel so bad if I didn’t have a breakfast!
    So I think everything you said here is quite reasonable.

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