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Who says cloth diapering has to be a drag?  Check out these new fun and fashionable styles from Charlie Banana and their newest fashion collection by Matthew Langille.  They even have a swim diaper!  I mean if you’re gonna wear something everyday, you might as well make it fun and fashionable right?  Cloth diapering has certainly come a long way but their are many styles and types of cloth diapers, it may seem overwhelming or confusing but this Quick Guide to Cloth Diapering will get you right up to speed.

Heere are some Savvy Sassy reasons why Cloth Diapering is good for you and you baby.

  • The designs versatility of the many cloth diapers available today are brilliant and will suit every baby’s shape and parent’s needs.
  • They are so cute and will look darling on any little one’s bottom.
  • They are so comfortable with their soft liners.
  • Your baby will be rash-free and will sleep like an angel.
  • Your baby will potty train earlier.
  • They will save you a small fortune.
  • They are easy to use and to care for.
  • You will feel so proud using cloth diapers that you show off your baby’s bottom every chance you get.
  • You will reduce your family’s carbon footprint.
  • And, most importantly, they will make your baby healthy and happy always!

You can buy Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers Target, Babies R’ Us, and through the Charlie Banana website!

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